Do you know the muffin man?

11 Mar

In my attempt to be a better cook (and i guess baker), I bought a muffin pan. I am a little behind on what a good kitchen needs and actually purchasing those items. Not that I don’t love the kitchen – how can I not love the kitchen if I love food? It just seems there is always another priority over buying that kitchen aid artisan series stand mixer (it’s so nice!).  My reason for buying the muffin pan was simple – i was making muffins to add to lunch for the week. I try to eat lunch out as little as possible, so I challenge myself to make lunches I actually look forward to eating instead of another can of soup heated on high for two minutes.

This week consisted of a chickpea, feta, tomato salad of goodness, two girl scout cookies of various varieties (they are almost gone!), a little yogurt and, this is where the pan comes into play, edamame cheddar muffins.

I found the recipe in a book I was thumbing through and for no reason got inspired to make the muffins.

Now I have this pan, the newest addition to my pathetic collection of fun kitchen gear – – – poor muffin pan, it deserved better.

I am sorting through recipes trying to decide what’s next for the pan – – – cornbread muffins? egg muffins? cupcakes? (but cupcakes require baking – and if i make them, I’ll eat them – which angers my waistline).

Do you have any favorite recipes using a muffin pan? Maybe the final product isn’t a muffin at all – that would be fun!

Confession: The muffin picture displayed are not my muffins. Mine had rising issues… I hijacked a picture of yummy-looking muffins from the internet…

Confession 2: I don’t like to bake. Cooking – yes. Baking -no. I am working on this and a new year resolution is to bake more to force myself to like it. We are now 3 months into the new year and I have baked approx. 1 time – I made some cheddar edamame muffins.


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